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Get Started with Pulse Oximeter for Adults (EMO-40)

The pulse oxygen saturation is the percentage of HbO2 in the total Hb in the blood, so-called the O2 concentration in the blood. It is an important bio-parameter for the respiration. At the same time, the device can measure the pulse rate simultaneously.

The Pulse Oximeter features in small volume, low power consumption, convenient operation and being portable. It is only necessary for the user to put one of his fingers into a fingertip photoelectric sensor for measuring, and a display screen will directly show measured valued of Hemoglobin Saturation.

Panel View



1.    Battery Installation

Step 1. Refer to below picture and insert the two AAA size batteries properly in the right direction.
Step 2. Replace the cover.


# Please take care when you insert the batteries for the improper insertion may damage the device.

 2.  Mounting the Hanging Rope  

Step 1. Put the end of the rope through the hole.

Step 2. Put another end of the rope through the first one and then tighten it.


3.  Measure

3.1. Insert the two batteries properly to the direction, and then replace the cover.
3.2 Open the clip as shown in the picture.

3.3 Let the patient’s finger put into the rubber cushions of the clip (make sure the finger is in the right position ), and then clip the finger.
3.4 Press the switch button once on front panel.
3.5 Do not shake the finger and keep the patient at ease during the process. Meanwhile, human body is not recommended in movement status.

3.6 Get the information directly from screen display.
3.7 In boot-strap state, press button, and the device is reset.

# Fingernails and the luminescent tube should be the same side.

Tech Specs

Display Information Display Mode
Display Format LED display
The Pulse Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Digital
Pulse Rate (PR) Digital
Pulse Intensity (bar-graph) Digital bar-graph display
SpO2 Parameter Specification
Measuring range 35%-100% (the resolution is 1%).
Accuracy 70%-100%;±2%, Below 70% unspecified.
Pulse Parameter Specification
Measuring range 25bpm-250bpm (the resolution is 1 bpm)
Accuracy ±2bpm
Pulse Intensity
Range Continuous bar-graph display, the higher display indicates the stronger pulse.
Alert conditions
SpO2 Less than 94%
PR Less than 50bpm or more than 130bpm
Battery Requirement
2 X 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline battery
Power Consumption
Smaller than 35 mA.
Battery Useful Life
Two batteries can work continually for 24 hours
Power off
The Oximeter can be powered off in case no finger is the Oximeter within 16 seconds.
Optical Sensor
Red light (wavelength is 660nm) Infrared (wavelength is 905nm)
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions 62 (L)X37 (W)X32(H) mm
Weight About 50g (with the batteries)

Warranty Terms

1-month unconditional return & refund
1-year quality-related issue warranty


  • Explosive hazard---DO NOT use the oximeter in environment with inflammable gas such as some ignitable anesthetic agents.
  • DO NOT use the oximeter while the user is measured by MRI and CT. The person who is allergic to rubber can not use this device.
  • The disposal of scrap instrument and its accessories and packing (including battery, plastic bags, foams and paper boxes) should follow the local laws and regulations.
  • Please check the packing before use to make sure the device and accessories are totally in accordance with the packing list, or else the device may have the possibility of working abnormally.

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