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Get Started with Children Pulse Oximeter (EMO-30)

EMO-30 is a Pulse Oximeter specially designed for children from 3 to 12 years old to measure their oxygen saturation and the pulse rate.

Oxygen saturation is the percentage of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) that is combined with oxygen against all combinable hemoglobin (Hb). It is an important physiological parameter involved in respiration and circulation. The oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a normal human body is 98%. Oxygen saturation is an important indicator of the oxygen condition in the human body. In general, the normal values of oxygen saturation shall not be lower than 94%. If the measured value of oxygen saturation is lower than 94%, an insufficient supply of oxygen is considered.

The pulse rate is the number of pulse beats per minute. Normally, the pulse rate is consistent with the heart rate. In general, the pulse rate of every people is 60 to 90 beats per minute.

The Perfusion Index (PI) usually reflects the limb perfusion status of an examined patient, and shows the detection precision of the instrument as well; that is, examination can still be performed even in the low or weak perfusion condition.The PI of a normal human body is 3% or greater.


Device view:
Screen View:

The following figure shows the information display on the LED screen of the Oximeter in normal detection state:




1.    Power-On button/Function Button Operations

Press the power-on/function button to turn on the oximeter.Once the it is turned on.Simply press or hold the button to perform corresponding operations.
Press: Press the button for less than 0.5 seconds.
Hold: Press the button for more than 0.5 seconds.

2. Brightness Setting
Hold the power-on button while the oximeter is in powered-on state,then the oximeter shows a brightness setting interface(as "Interface 1" below shows, "br" represents brightness).Hold the button to adjust brightness. There 3 brightness settings(1,2,3). 3 is the brightest.

3.  Alert Setting
After setting the brightness, press the power-on button to enter the alert setting interface(as "interface 2" below shows, "AL" represents alert).Then hold the button to set "AL" to on or off. When "AL" is set to on and the measured values of the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate go beyond the upper limit or lower limit,the oximeter will beep to alert.
When "AL" is set to on, you can set the upper limit and lower limit of
SpO2 Alert and PR Alert. Press it to switch an option(SpO2 upper limit, SpO2 lower limit, PR upper limit and PR lower limit).Hold the power-on button to adjust the limits.(as "Interface 3,4,5,6" below show, "Hi" represents upper limit, "Lo" represents lower limit) .

4. Measure

Stick one finger completely into the finger chamber of the oximeter. The fingernail should be facing upward. Release the clip and pressthe power-on button to power on the pulse oximeter.

  • If you do not insert your finger completely into the chamber, measurement will be inaccurate.
  • To keep your finger still during measurement. It is also not advisable to use this instrument during sports activities as movement may lead to inaccuracies. Once the reading stabilizes, read the measured values of oxygen saturation and pulse rate on the screen.
NOTE: The oximeter will automatically shut down 10 seconds after you remove your finger.
  • Replace the batteries when the batteries run out of power and the symbol "EMO30-11" flickers on the screen.
Install the two AAA dry batteries into the battery slot according to polarity indication, and mount the battery cover.

Tech Specs

Parameter Value
Display range Oxygen saturation 35% to 99%
Pulse rate 35 bpm to 250 bpm
Resolution Oxygen saturation 1%
Pulse rate 1 bpm
Measurement precision Oxygen saturation ±2% (70% to 99%)
No requirement (≤ 69%)
Pulse rate ±2 bpm
Alert range Oxygen saturation Upper limit: 50% to 100%
Lower limit: 50% to 100%
Pulse rate Upper limit: 35 bpm to 250 bpm
Lower limit: 35 bpm to 250 bpm
Alert error Oxygen saturation ± 1% of the preset value
Pulse rate The greater of ±10% of the preset value and ±5 bpm
PI Weak PI Min. 0.3%

Warranty Terms

1-month unconditional return & refund
1-year quality-related issue warranty


  • Do not use the Oximeter in an environment with any flammable gases, flammable anesthetic, or other flammable substances.
  • Keep unit and lanyard away from children as the included lanyard may present an entanglement or choking hazard to small children. Adult supervision required; never leave children unattended with unit or lanyard
  • Do not throw the batteries into fire, as that could cause an explosion.
  • Do not attempt to charge the included batteries, as that could cause leakage, fire disaster, or even explosion. Dispose the used batteries in accordance to the local laws and regulations.
  • Do not use the Oximeter in an MRI or CT environment.
  • Caution: Do not operate the Oximeter if it is wet. Avoid moving the oximeter from a cold to a hot and humid environment.
  • Install the batteries properly before powering on the Oximeter for normal use. Please remove the batteries if you are not planning to use the Oximeter for a long time.
  • Close the battery cover when the instrument is in use.

30-DAY Money Back Guaranteed
100% FDA Approved
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1-YEAR Warranty


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