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Get Started with Wireless Pulse Oximeter

EMAY Wireless Pulse Oximeter is a continuous blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) & pulse rate monitor with 40 hours’ storage.It is a reliable and affordable choice for anyone who wants to track their oxygen level & heart rate during sleep or other situation over time. It is an easy way you can use to check if your SpO2 during sleep time drops down under normal limits, a sign that you can be having sleep apnea episodes and check it with your doctor.

The smart app provided allows you to sync the device data wirelessly via bluetooth, review your SpO2 at any point in time and generate professional report to share with your doctor easily.


1.     Turn on the device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds

2.     Open the clip, place your finger inside the oximeter and wait for 10 seconds. (Make sure your nail touches the upper part of the clip where the red light sensor is)
3.     Read your SpO2 and pulse rate from the display. Meanwhile, the device starts the continuous recording automatically.
The screen will go to sleep mode after 90 seconds, and a yellow dot starts flashing at screen corner meaning that  the recording continues. The device’s in-built memory will support up to 40 hours’ continuous recording, second by second.
5.     Stop the recording by removing the device from your finger, and press the power button for 3 seconds to shut it down. The whole session of recording will be completed successfully.


Sync the data to your smartphones / tablets (for iOS & Android)

1.     Download the “EMAY Pulse Oximeter” app from the App Store / Google Play, Or scan below barcodes to install it.


2.     Turn on the device, enable the Bluetooth on your smartphone, and sync the data to the app


3.     With the EMAY app, you will be able to :

·       Review your historical SpO2 & pulse rate second by seond

·       Export the data as CSV file for further study

·       Generate professional summary report with detailed analysis & trends of your overnight blood oxygen levels and heart rate

·       Share the CSV document and PDF report with your doctor easily in one tap

·       Set your own threshold of SpO2 and heart rate.



Tech Specs

Please refere to the user manual

Warranty Terms

1-month uncoditional return & refund
1-year quality-related warranty


This device is for reference only, not for medical use

30-DAY Money Back Guaranteed
100% FDA Approved
FREE SHIPPING:2-5 business days
1-YEAR Warranty


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